Founded in 2006, the National WW2 Living History Association, Inc. is a non-profit corporation which unites collectors, hobbyists and historians through an accurate living history environment replicating the battles and military life of World War II.  Members portraying Allied and Axis forces participate primarily as infantrymen and support personnel, representing the major countries which played decisive roles in that conflict.  Within a compulsory apolitical framework, this consortium of like-minded living historians gather to participate in realistic combat scenarios conducted at various locations throughout the country which improve and expand our knowledge of military history and convey to the public a better understanding of the role of the WWII combat soldier.


Our endeavor to preserve and honor the service of WWII military veterans is further displayed through our dedicated efforts towards educating the public through participation in spectator events, public battles, static displays, air shows, parades, vehicle rallies, film productions, television documentaries and by providing instructors for formal and informal classroom and onsite training.  We work closely with many civic and veteran’s associations, museums and state and local communities to promote the re-enactment hobby and improve the quality of life of the public and our members through historical education and accuracy. We are also avid collectors of a wide variety of military artifacts to include vehicles, weapons, uniforms and field gear of the period. We endeavor to portray historically correct representatives of WWII in appearance, demeanor and subject matter expertise.  


The National WW2 Living History Association, Inc. sponsors and hosts spectator and closed tactical WWII re-enactment events and our members receive a membership ID card, corporation sticker, and liability coverage through a regularly updated insurance policy. 


Join us in our efforts to remember the veterans of WWII and help preserve the memorabilia of that era.  The re-enactment hobby relies on the enthusiasm and dedication of individuals with a common interest and desire to share knowledge and expand the hobby, all while having fun.  If you are interested in participating in an exciting hobby with a firmly established and financially stable organization, please seek an application here.  


There is a place for you in the National WW2 Living History Association!  



Most Sincerely,


  J. Griffith


CEO National WW2 Living History Association, Inc.

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