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World War Two, the most significant and far reaching military event of the 20th Century did have and continues to have a daily impact on lives and attitudes of our global community. Gradually, however, monuments to this event crumble, veterans pass away, and history books are re-written as we lose the sights and sounds of that historic conflict and those who took part in it. In 1975, an organization was founded by like-minded military historians, collectors, and hobbyists in an effort in an effort to research, preserve, and portray a historically correct impression of the German infantryman, specifically that of the 1st SS Panzer Division, The Leibstandarte (LAH).


This Division was chosen for several important reasons; it was one of the first units formed as Germany mobilized for war, it received the finest equipment available to the German soldier at the time, it came to symbolize the highest dedication to duty and individual as well as collective loyalty, and, most importantly to the re-enactor, it fought on nearly all fronts at various periods of that conflict, making participation and membership in this unit at most any reenactment event historically correct.

Taking inspiration from the various re-enactor organizations portraying units of the Revolutionary War and Civil War soldiers and being one of the Charter members of the World War II Historical Reenactment Society, the Leibstandarte has grown into a sophisticated, diversified and uncompromisingly authentic organization dedicated to keeping alive the memory and traditions of the German soldier while at the same time collecting and utilizing the equipment, uniforms, vehicles and memorabilia of the period.

Field activities, or "events" are conducted not just for the benefit of the individual hobbyist, but also for the public in the hope of stimulating further interest in military history and increasing awareness of how such a conflict could arise and its effect upon each of the countries involved.












The Leibstandarte membership is acutely aware of its unique position in this hobby and is resolute in condemning the political and religious persecution which took place in Europe before and during World War Two and as a result, permits no paramilitary, political or ideological activity by its members. We are unanimous in this policy.

Members of our unit live throughout the United States, Canada and Europe and come from varied backgrounds and professions, all of which contributes greatly to our hobby's and organization's appeal. We take our mutual interests seriously, but at the same time, strive to make our hobby enjoyable, rewarding, and educational not just for ourselves, but for our fellow re-enactors and the public as well. We wish to learn from history and from one another in the context and framework of a well-regulated and authentic Living History organization dedicated to that purpose.


 - Administration


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