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Mission statement

Our purpose is to provide a unique experience for World War Two enthusiasts to simulate a battle reenactment that incorporates a game of Capture the Flag. With the combined knowledge and experience of our event staff, we are dedicated to ensuring a quality event in a safe and fun environment.


About us

The event staff is a coalition of members from the LAH Living History Association, veteran leaders of other WW2 organizations, and notable reenactors within the WW2 community. Each member possesses the knowledge, skill and dedication needed to make this event operate with precision. Our combined abilities will help to provide participants with the best experience possible. We want this to be a memorable 75th anniversary event for reenactors by reenactors.


Determining the true victor at tactical events can be difficult, if not impossible. Some events incorporate referees with varying degree of success, but referees are not commonplace to ensure effectiveness. There needed to be something tangible and measurable to determine the winner. It was felt that a modified form of capture the flag could accomplish this. With not just one, but multiple flags to contend to, it will require tactical knowledge and skill to be successful. In the end, we can physically count and see who possesses the majority. The team with the most flags wins.


Through our own experiences, the event staff understands that people can be hesitant to attend a maiden event. Our hope is someone we know attends, then we base our interest in attending next year based on what they report. However, given the exceptional abilities of those who make up the staff, we feel capable enough to execute an event that would make you think it’s been around for years. We’re also familiar with the events that have been around for years. We go year after year after year though it’s not that great – we go because it’s there and it’s familiar. Remember, just because an event has tenure doesn’t guarantee it has pedigree.


We hope that this modified capture the flag concept will ensure continual momentum during the event. Each side will be trying to either protect or capture a flag, making it unnecessary to “reset” for the next scenario. This will not just be a tactical event, it will be a war game with a definitive winner.

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